Product Care


To clean all salon products use a damp soft cloth, “DO NOT” immerse in water, put into a dishwasher, wipe with an abrasive cloth or put into a microwave, as this could damage the resin.

All products can be wiped over with acetone, but do not leave acetone sitting in any pots as it will melt the resin.

These items are made from a heat resistant resin so will withstand heat of up to 90 degrees, this can be hot cups, but anything warmer such as hot pans or a naked flame will melt the resin.

The resin I use does have a UV protection, but I would still advise to keep any resin out of direct sunlight.

All of the products I sell are handmade, and even though I go to great lengths to remove bubbles from the resin some unfortunately do remain. This does not make your purchase faulty, and does not affect the product in anyway, they just add character and show your purchase was handmade.


Care information for all coasters is the same as above.


Even though resin does offer some UV protection i would still recommend all artwork to be hung away from direct sunlight.

Clean any surface with a dry soft cloth, anything abrasive will scratch the surface and create marks.

As my work is made on timber I would advise to not hang any artwork directly above a radiator.

Do not wrap any resin products directly in bubble wrap as it can leave marks on the surface of the resin, please use a tissue paper first then bubble wrap.